Sunday, March 30, 2014

Altadena's Public Drinking Fountain Dedicated in 1935

A public water fountain was erected by Altadena Historical (and Beautification) Society in front of the building on the southeast corner of Lake and Mariposa, originally Pacific Southwest Trust & Savings Bank, then First National of Los Angeles, and eventually the Pankow Building.  Today the facility serves as office space.
1935 dedication with L. A. County Supervisor Roger Jessup
and members of AHS in background. 

The tile fountain was dedicated in 1935, but disappeared sometime after.  Did it fall victim to an out-of-control vehicle that ran up on the sidewalk? That’s one story we’ve heard.  Maybe the street was widened and the fountain sacrificed. If you know what happened to it, leave a comment.

This is how the location looks today. The tree took the place of the fountain.


  1. These are fascinating. Thank you very much.

  2. the water fountain was approximately where the 7-11 parking lot was built. (stop and shop next to Choice Liquor)It was square and made of brown and beige tile. When I saw it, it was full of trash, soda cans. etc. and the fountain no longer worked. The dedication is shown in Sarah Noble Ive's book "Altadena" on page 224. being dedicated by Frank G. Martin, who had passed by the time the book was finished.

  3. I can see Mr. Martin standing at the far right in your picture. This is not the location where the fountain was when I saw it. This is the same occasion, as the girl in the white dress to the left of the fountain shows in both pictures. In the "Altadena" book the girl is standing next to Mrs. Frederick C. Marsh. In your picture the fountain appears to be off the curb and in the street. Perhaps it was not permanently located. I saw it across the street, and it had been there for a very long time. It was removed when the 7-11 was built in the mid 1960's.

  4. I don't have a google account but I am Dan MacPherson, I've been in Altadena since 1959.

  5. the businesses that were razed for the 7-11 were an Associated (flying "A") gas station and an appliance store.