Friday, April 4, 2014

Altadena Green: The True Story of How She Got Her Name

Celebrating Webster’s Community Pharmacy’s 87th year serving our town, AHS is proud to feature rotating exhibits telling stories of local history and the people who shaped it. Our new exhibit, Altadena Green: The True Story of How She Got Her Name will be at Webster’s April through August, 2014.  

Altadena Green was the fifth and last child of Angie Brown Green and Col. George Gill Green. Born in 1889, the same year the family moved into their new home on Altadena’s Mariposa St., she was 18 years younger than her oldest sibling. Although many people think the community was named after her, in fact she was named after Altadena.  

April 11 is Webster’s Community Pharmacy’s first Food Truck Friday event of the season.  Come enjoy food, friends, and stop in to see the exhibit.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Altadena's Public Drinking Fountain Dedicated in 1935

A public water fountain was erected by Altadena Historical (and Beautification) Society in front of the building on the southeast corner of Lake and Mariposa, originally Pacific Southwest Trust & Savings Bank, then First National of Los Angeles, and eventually the Pankow Building.  Today the facility serves as office space.
1935 dedication with L. A. County Supervisor Roger Jessup
and members of AHS in background. 

The tile fountain was dedicated in 1935, but disappeared sometime after.  Did it fall victim to an out-of-control vehicle that ran up on the sidewalk? That’s one story we’ve heard.  Maybe the street was widened and the fountain sacrificed. If you know what happened to it, leave a comment.

This is how the location looks today. The tree took the place of the fountain.