Monday, May 26, 2014

The Eldorado Inn - Altadena's Favorite Watering-Hole Swept Away in 1969 Flood

Until it was swept away in the 1969 flood, the Eldorado Inn was located at the corner of  New York Avenue and Altadena Drive, on the east side of Eaton Canyon wash. 

From the January 30, 1969 Altadenan newspaper:  "Twenty-two and a quarter inches of rain that fell in a nine-day period here was climaxed Saturday when torrential morning-long downpours devastated mountain areas inundating homes with flood and mudflows."
Front page, The Altadenan, January 30, 1969

Moments before the restaurant was destroyed.

The red dot shows the restaurant's location.
The red line shows where New York Drive was rebuilt 
after the flood.

The ship on the menu is a nice touch.  Purely coincidental.